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nada's Best Quality

            Raised here in Canada, Stress free, No Hormones or Steroids,  
Pre and after sale ongoing support
  Located in Whitby, Ontario  Canada.

Notice  we will be closing our discus business over the next few months including 
this website. We will provide ongoing support for all discus keepers and continue to
make available our discus food formula for our existing customers.  
Contact me at
archer@rogers.com for all enquiries.  

I will continue to keep a few discus, but as a hobby only. We presently have a number
of discus that will be sold on a "first come basis" as well as aquariums and hardware.
Thank you for all your support over the years.

regards v

Free pdf file "The Discus Manual" a complete guide to discus keeping including 
 our detailed food formula recipe and information on how to breed discus; customers only.




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